Not Pursued X-Men Spin-Off Script Goes Online

Not Pursued X Men Spin Off Script Goes Online

Officially John Ottman is the composer and editor on numerous “X-Men” films, unofficially his involvement was often been said to be more involved than that.

Recently he revealed to Heat Vision that whilst finishing up work on “X-Men: Apocalypse,” his assistant and aspiring screenwriter Byron Burton came up with the idea for a script which would serve as a spin-off film involving Nicholas Hoult’s Beast character.

Within two weeks Burton penned one titled “Fear The Beast” and Ottman was surprised that he found it a possibility worth pursuing – tweaking it a bit to deliver a potential $90 million-budget spinoff that would be set in the late 1980s and also feature familiar characters such as Professor X and Wolverine.

Ottman says the film would “have the tenor of John Carpenter’s The Thing where you are in this inhospitable environment”. Specifically a snow-covered Inuit village is being stalked by a mysterious creature who may be the result of a scientist with a similar mutation to Hank who reacts badly to the mutation-controlling serum that Hank gave him a sample of – becoming a vicious monster in the process.

In addition, the end tag would reveal the villain Mr. Sinister has been watching the proceedings, testing the X-Men in the process.

Ottman put out feelers to Fox and he was informed that because the script used core X-Men characters, it would need the sign-off of Simon Kinberg who was working on “Dark Phoenix” at the time. Kinberg politely declined to read the script to avoid becoming unduly influenced by it.

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