“Umbrella Academy” Is Already Mapped Out

One of Netflix’s more anticipated new shows this year is “The Umbrella Academy,” the TV series adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics series of the same name created and written by “My Chemical Romance” musician Gerard Way.

The story follows a group of estranged, super-powered family members who have to come together and work through their personality quirks to solve the death of their father and the potential end of the world. Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, Mary J. Blige, Kate Walsh and Cameron Britton co-star in the series.

Umbrella Academy Is Already Mapped Out

To date, three volumes of the ongoing comic have been published in the past decade and, speaking with Collider, Way revealed that not only does he know how the graphic novels will end and wanted to make sure the show’s writers knew where it was all ultimately going:

“What I did for Steve Blackman (the showrunner) and the writers in that first writers room was to create an eighteen-page document that laid everything out. Even of the graphic novels that haven’t come out yet. Which should equal eight when we’re all done.

So I gave them the blueprint for what happens, because you do want to seed certain things in there for future series and the hope is that it’s a success so that you do a lot more of these. They’re very curious what Gabriel and I are doing next. We always send them the new comics. They really want to know what’s happening.”

“The Umbrella Academy” hits the streaming service on February 15th 2019.


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