2018’s Most Pirated TV Series: “Walking Dead”

2018s Most Pirated Tv Series Walking Dead

Torrentfreak have announced their annual list of the most pirated TV series over the course of the year and for the first time in six years it isn’t “Game of Thrones” – mainly because the show wasn’t on this year.

Instead, it was perennial runner-up “The Walking Dead” legging it to the top spot of the list which only tracks BitTorrent downloads, as opposed to the increasing use of streaming sites for pirated content, but even so offers a fair look at what shows are in demand. The list was as follows:

1. “The Walking Dead”
2. “The Flash”
3. “The Big Bang Theory”
4. “Vikings”
5. “Titans”
6. “Arrow”
7. “Supernatural”
8. “Westworld”
9. “Legends of Tomorrow”
10. “Suits”

The biggest new addition is “Titans” which, so far, has only been available on the DC Universe streaming service which has been restricted both user and geographically entirely to the United States – meaning plenty of overseas viewers have resorted to pirating it as there is no other way to see it until it hits Netflix next week.

HBO’s “Westworld” returned albeit fairly low in eighth place, while The CW once again dominated with three of its DC Comics shows and long-running fave “Supernatural” all making the list.

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