Guillermo del Toro On Production Safety

Based on a novel by William Lindsay Gresham, Bradley Cooper plays manipulative carnival worker who falls in love with a mysterious, dangerous psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett). In a recent interview with Indiewire, del Toro discussed how quickly production shut down:

“We stopped the shoot a week before [the industry shut down]. We reacted super fast, we proposed the studio to stop as opposed to being asked to stop. That saved us. Nobody to my knowledge in the cast or the crew got coronavirus. We were roughly 45 percent in. We were literally in the middle of a great scene. We went to lunch and talked to the studio and when we came back we said, ‘Everybody leave your tools and leave now.’”

The aim is to start production again in the Fall with an 80-page protocol he crafted for both this film and his stop-motion adaptation of “Pinocchio” for Netflix:

“In stop-motion, you have many sets nearby one another in a warehouse like space. You can have 10 sets in one space. We had to create a protocol where we now space the sets a certain number of feet. We created different shifts so no one is exposed. In this moment, security is paramount. Health, safety is the number one concert. We got to get used to it.”

“Nightmare Alley” also stars Willem Dafoe as the carnival’s barker, Ron Perlman as a strongman, and Rooney Mara as Cooper’s co-worker. No release date has yet been set for either project.

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