Camp Death III A Horror Movie Loving Heart Worn on A Blood-soaked Sleeve

Send ups of horror movie franchises are nothing new. The Scary Movie franchise practically created it’s own industry. That franchise however quickly ran through lampooning horror movies to lampooning any movie that made money. Given the spotty records of many of the films in the Scary Movie canon, it’s understandable why a lot of filmmakers shy away from going down this familiar territory. This is what sets Camp Death III in 2D! apart from many of the films in this genre.

This movie unabashedly wears its horror movie, loving heart on its blood-soaked sleeve. It gleefully loves to remind viewers that it is mimicking the Friday the 13th franchise, and if you forget that for even a second this film is more than happy to remind you. Whereas Scary Movie loved the films it was sending up from arms length, Camp Death III in 2D! gives said films the open arms treatment and refuses to let go.

As you can probably ascertain, Camp Death III in 2D! takes place at a rustic campgrounds in a nowheresville section of the woods. The film follows Camp Crystal Meph head counselor Todd Boogjumper (Dave Peniuk) as he leads some counselors and much older campers. The fact that many of the campers are older and have a lot of challenges of their own, is, quite frankly, where much of this off the wall film hangs its hat.

Once this film establishes who the characters are and what the milieu is, it’s time for the killer to emerge and do in their victims in all manner of ways. Of course the killer, Johann Van Damme (Terry Mullett) escapes from an insane asylum to do this. Whether they are taking out the unwitting campers with puppets, plungers or whatever else happens to be available, each kill is meant to maximize the sheer outrageousness of slasher films. If the plot sounds simplistic that’s because it is.

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