The Game Awards 2018 Trailers & Reveals

The Game Awards 2018 Trailers Reveals

Following on from the “Dragon Age,” “Mortal Kombat” and “Far Cry” reveals, tonight’s Game Awards also included some big announcements for gaming fans across the world and plenty more game trailers. Amongst the news highlights:

The highly acclaimed 2012 PlayStation game “Journey” is finally coming to the PC with “Fortnite” developer Epic Games releasing it through their new digital marketplace at which just launched. The title will be available for sale shortly along with new titles like “Ashen” and “Hades” which have just gone online.

The creators of “ARK” announced “Atlas,” an open world pirate game built on the idea of exploration and conquering the whole world. It’s also a world that can hold 40,000 players in one environment and will launch on Xbox next year. Onto the trailers:

The first-person shooter sequel got a new gameplay trailer, one showing off a more colorful post-asteroid impact world and announcing a release date – May 14th for the Avalanche Studios title. The game also alows you to fight off mutants and scum with a boomerang weapon known as the wingstick.

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